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On January 28th, author Kate DiCamillo posted a photo of what someone found when looking for a dropped garage door opener. Take a look at her questions and the photo to help spur a story.

A police detective knocks on the door…

Standing over the array of organic vegetables at Trader Joes, he began to cry.

It was the first day of school and her third day with no sleep.

A girl comes across a roll of duct tape and a snare drum.

A woman sits in a coffee shop, a sheet of paper torn in half on the table in front of her.

How do you tell people that you came in last place in the Olympics?

5 years old was far too young to discover that Brussels sprouts were real food.

He didn’t know what to think when he saw her surreptitiously slip the backscratcher inside her coat.

She fell without any grace whatsoever. She could have felt grateful that no one noticed except why *didn’t* anyone notice?

It was a world of port-a-potties. (dystopic or humorous, anyone?)