Submission Policy

I am not an agent. Nor am I an editor. I’m not even a published author. Nor am I running a contest. Therefore, it is not my intention to make anyone nervous about whether I will “accept” anything or not.  While this site is not meant to be like fictionpress (dot) com, Wattpad, or even fanfiction (dot) net, it is still open to all genres and only limited screening.

Basic Guidelines

  • Stories should be stand-alone (or, “one-shots”, if you will). No multi-chapters.
  • Work should be original and submitted by the writer.
  • Work should use original characters.
  • Work should be fiction.
  • Word count should try to stay below 2,000-2,500 words (and can be as few as 50 – it’s really up to you on what makes a story work).
  • Most genres accepted. (See What Won’t Be Published below, for exceptions.)
  • Work should be fully edited and ready for publication.
  • Work may use suggested prompts, suggested words, or none of the suggestions.
  • Published work will be posted under real first names (and last names, if you desire). ie: no pseudonyms or screennames)
  • Submissions should be copy/pasted into the provided submission form. No file attachments.

What Won’t Be Published

  • Stories with gratuitous sex or violence.  (ie: edgy or sexual content is fine, but consider story above all).
  • BDSM (related to above, but still a necessary distinction)
  • Stories with song lyrics or extensively quoted material from other sources. (Music and lyrics are a huge copyright mess.)
  • Offensive topics or treatment of topics that can harm any human rights that are officially or should be officially protected.
  • Cross-posted work or anything currently on submission for print or paid publication.

Basic Agreement/Indemnification:

By clicking on “Submit” below, you agree to the following:

  • While U.S. copright is a given with an artist’s work, it will not be the responsibility of Fiction with Friends to track down permissions or future infringement of a submission’s rights.
  • Fiction with Friends offers no other compensation other than publication on the site.
  • A published submission may or may not be deleted from the site at the author’s request. Fiction with Friends reserves the right to evaluate this decision based upon a casee-by-case  basis.
  • Copyright infringement by the author or any related instance of plagiarism will result in removal of the story from the site and may result in suspension from future submissions.
  • Users will not seek legal action against Fiction with Friends or its proprietor.